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Today: Stuffed Bell Pepper🌶🧀

1. Preheat the oven to 180°C (350°F) and cook 85g (½ cup) quinoa and 30g (1/8 cup) red beans if you don’t want to use canned one‘s. Cut a bell pepper at the top and carefully remove the seeds.

2. Put in a bowl the red beans, quinoa, 15g (1/8 cup) diced tomatoes, 20g (1/6 can) chopped jalapeño, 30g (1/6 cup) corn, 10g (1/8 cup) grated cheese, 1 tsp garlic powder and onion powder and ½ tsp salt, pepper & caraway. Crush 30g (1/5 cup) Feta and mix the ingredients.

3. Fill the pepper and bake for 30 minutes. We wish you bon appetit!


– 1 bell pepper
– 85g (½ cup) Quinoa
– 30g (1/8 cup) red beans
– 30g (1/6 cup) corn
– 30g (1/5 cup) Feta
– 20g (1/6 can) Jalapeño
– 15g (1/8 cup) tomatoes
– 10g (1/8 cup) grated cheese
– garlic powder
– onion powder
– caraway
– salt
– pepper

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